10 Best Free Webcam Recorder Software

Here are 10 best free webcam recorder software. These webcam recorder software let you record videos from webcam easily. All these webcam recorder software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These webcam recorder software offer various features, like: recording of videos with audio from webcam, save video in various formats including AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPG etc., take snapshots in various image file formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc., can adjust camera brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, gamma etc. and more. So, go through this list of free webcam recorder software and see which ones you like the most.

EatCam WebCam Recorder

EatCam WebCam Recorder is a free webcam recording software. It lets you record videos in AVI format. You can take still images in JPG format. You can record your video with few clicks. You can record both audio and video streams. It supports audio recording from any source like microphone, speakers, or from line-in.

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Free Screencast

Free Screencast is a free webcam video recorder software. You can save the video with audio in various formats including AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPG etc. It can record desktop screen also. You can capture frames and save them in JPG or BMP file format. It is a very simple software to record videos from webcam.

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Free2X Webcam Recorder

Free2X Webcam Recorder is a free webcam recorder software for Windows. It also lets you take snapshot from webcam. You can record the audio and video in AVI or WMV format. You can schedule your recordings too. You can adjust camera brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, gamma etc. easily. It has an inbuilt file manager.

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Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture software is a free video recorder for Windows. It lets you record videos from webcam, computer screen and from recording device. You can schedule your recordings also. You can adjust colors, apply filters, frame settings, add text to your videos etc. You can save your recordings in AVI, WMV or in many other formats.

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Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a free screen and webcam recording software. It saves the videos automatically in WMV format. You can take screenshots of your screen in standard image formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc. You can set the output resolution of recording video to desired value before starting to record.

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Bytescout Screen Capturing

Bytescout Screen Capturing is a free screen recorder software. You can record webcam video through it. It records screen video to AVI and WMV format. You can record entire screen, region or dynamic region around your mouse. You can record audio also from microphone. You can save the captured video in desired location.

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Multi Webcam Video Recorder Free

Multi Webcam Video Recorder is a free webcam recording software. It lets you record videos from multiple webcams connected to your computer. It saves each video in separate file in a location that you specify in WMV format. You can save videos by right clicking on any video window. It can take snapshots from webcam and can save as JPG or BMP format at user defined time.

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Weeny Free Video Recorder

Weeny Free Video Recorder is a free webcam and screen recorder software. It lets you record video from webcam easily. It saves the video in ASF or WMV format in the same folder where application is installed or the folder that you specify. When recording from webcam you can stop recording by pressing End key and the program opens the output folder automatically. The program is easy to use.

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Kamerah is a free video recorder software. It lets you record videos from webcam. To record a video click the big red button and enter the file name. You can stop recording at any time by clicking the stop recording button. It mostly doesn't support all the webcam models and shows a black screen while recording. But actually it is recording the video. It is very simple and easy to use software.

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Camersoft Webcam Capture

Camersoft Webcam Capture is a simple video capturing tool. It lets you record videos from webcam connected to computer. It saves the video in AVI format. You can set the output folder of your choice. It automatically detects the webcam connected to your PC. You can take the snapshots also and it saves the images in BMP format.

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  • Be careful downloading some of these! The “Free Screencast” tries to download a lot of miscellaneous other programs, AND it put malware on my computer when I finished the download.

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      How much is a lot? Is it a couple, which is two? Is it a few, which is three or four? Is it several, which is more than three or four? When you downloaded the program, did it give you a choice to do a custom install? If so, you would have been able to choose to install those miscellaneous programs. However, you did say the program tried to download miscellaneous programs. Were you able to stop the program from downloading the miscellaneous programs? Were you able to remove the malware from your computer? If so, how did you remove the malware? Did you remove it manually or with another program?

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            3.)hitman pro

            I also use sandboxie , you can read more about how it works

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  • Shawn Powell

    I have been using Debut and it has been working great for me. It looks great, the quality is great. The converting and uploading to YouTube is much much quicker than other devices that I have used to record and upload to YouTube to. :0) And personally I’m a math guy and don’t give a damn. I also started my sentence with ” And .”
    I wonder how far these poor people will have to look to get to responses that are relevant to this page. Debut I use daily and does exactly what I want and need it to do.

    • James Baysinger

      Debut is no longer free. Gotta pay if you want to record. No thanks.

      • Sheri-Lynn Kranz (Sher)

        I just downloaded it today for free. They have a paid version too but I used the basic and it records.

        • AbsolutDoc

          Thanks for the update. I’m off to download it now.

        • sidewinded

          only until the trial ends.

      • Beata Biechowiak

        True. It gave me some time to use it for free and then I couldn’t use it anymore. Also, I noticed many “silly” programs downloaded “themselves” onto my computer “incognito”. Nothing harmful but annoying and taking space and using CPU quite a lot. All but one easy to remove but unnecessary hassle.

    • AbsolutDoc

      Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for in the comments section.

    • Tynesider

      I’m looking for a good recording prog as Lifecam will not install on my PC,thanks for the info I will give it a try.

  • Stefan

    I think I’ve lost about 20,000 brain cells and gained 5 pounds just reading this comment thread.

  • James Baysinger

    Debut Video Capture is no longer free. Useless.

  • Mac The Steve

    None of the listed specs for these programs include motion detect capture/record ability. Do any of these programs offer this feature?

  • Blair Brown

    Who is Lori and why is she so hell bent on chastising people’s grammar skills on a comment section for webcam software? Do you seriously have that little in life to do other than try to correct the World Wide Webs grammar problems? You really need to check out getting a life Lori It appears Peter Petropolis sure likes kissing your ass, I’d bet he’d help you with a life. Now any more comments on what freeware webcam software works the best?

    • Sheri-Lynn Kranz (Sher)

      I’d much rather someone troll about pointing out spelling errors than attacking people’s harmless characteristics, IMHO.

      • Blair Brown

        Glad she has a friend. So nothing about which webcam software is the best? Thanks for adding nothing.

  • Dani Fabricius

    Ok I do have a quick question about these programs. I have a Hp laptop Windows 10, is it better to use the webcam that on the computer or do I need to buy a separate to use these systems? I am looking to use a different a webcam to record videos and the Cyberlink YouCam sucks. I really don’t want to be stuck to using my phone all the time. So please help me.

    • Lord Dagger

      I think you can use your laptop’s webcam with these soft wares. You look good by the way :)

  • Zach Garner

    Debut was good before it became paid for. I can say free2x is a good piece of software which I have used many times but it depends what you want it for.

  • Kyle Deschamps

    Lori, my beautiful raconteur; perhaps you have read Melville and Poe. I suggest you take a look at the witty, grammatically incorrect sentence structure of the classics. Live a little girl, all that is pleasing to the senses ain’t gotta be right.

  • Seulki Lee

    Have you tried Bandicam yet? It can record your webcam while recording your screen and overlay it in the video. I think it is better than Debut.

  • Dan W

    Free screen cast is malware! beware!

    • AbsolutDoc

      Thanks for the heads up. This makes me re-think the validity of this entire “article.”

  • alvinkoffman

    I is gonna try this here debut thing. If you look on they’S home page there is a separate download for noncommercial (that means we’uns) use only.

  • Shadoefax

    “Free Screencast” seemed to be just what I needed for recording video with my Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 webcam. I downloaded and installed the software (having to decline the installation of several crapware programs) and meticulously set up the many configuration options. After several minutes of tweaking the options I got everything working as it should. Unfortunately, after closing and re-starting the program, all my options had been reset to the default value so I painstakingly re-entered them. After restarting the program again, the options were again reset to default. “Free Screencast” does not appear to have anyplace to request support. The program has a “Contact Technical Support” button in the “Help” dropdown list, but clicking on it does nothing. It’s a shame because it appears to be a well written program with all the options a “techie” like myself find very useful.

  • Jonathan Levi

    Will one of these show the video and play the audio that is being recorded as it records?

    I am setting up a backstage monitor system for a Community Theatre. I have a computer back stage and a USB webcam on a 100ft extender in the booth. I need what is being recorded to be shown so the actors can see (and hear) what is happening on stage, but I also want the play to be recorded with it.

    • Eskimo T-Pearl

      OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) does everything you need and then some

  • siddharthkanojia

    awesome info you share it will really helpful.

  • Alex Ferri

    I liked Debut the most but I needed a tool to record video from the webcam but also a tool to record audio to MP3 and I ended up finding 1AVCapture from PCWinSoft Software, it has all in one program, it is really great. I am happy with it now.

  • Tasos Pardalis

    Is any of these programs actually free for life? I tried a couple and they seem to start with a three day trial and then asking to pay if I want to remove watermarks, etc. I want to use an external webcam to record 720p or even 1080p if possible. I’m using Screencast O-Matic but the quality is a bit off for some reason. Any kind of help would be appreciated

  • Day Berndt

    Yea if Free Screencast wouldn’t have come with two mandatory craps (some “defender” and some yahoo search) that you can’t opt out of and two malwares promptly quarantined by AVG, I would have even installed and used it.

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