10 Best Free PDF Editor Software

Here are 10 best free PDF editor software. These PDF editing software let you edit PDF files easily. All these PDF editor software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These PDF editor software offer various features, like: can view and edit PDF files, can change the text font, insert or delete images in PDF files, can add new text or edit existing text, insert text boxes, highlight text, underline/strikeout text, save/export to PDF format, remove unnecessary objects from PDF files, rotate pages, search for specific text, and more. Check out this list of free PDF editing software and find out which you like best.

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AbleWord is a small, free, and easy to use free word processing software. It is also a PDF editing tool. It lets you edit and save PDF files for free. Editing a PDF file by using it is as simple as editing a Word document. You can apply formatting effects to your text in PDF files. You can use spell check feature also. You can use simple save command to save the edited PDF files. AbleWord is one of the best PDF editors available.

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DL PDF Editor

DL PDF Editor is a small PDF editor software for Windows. It lets you edit PDF files easily. You can open multiple PDF files in tabs. You can insert text overlay, images, and watermark in your PDF files. It can be used for filling PDF forms also. It shows the thumbnails of pages and you can navigate within the document easily. You can save the PDF files after editing. It has a lot of other features also.

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Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF file reader for Windows. You can use it as a PDF editor also. It lets you add text, notes, highlight text, underline text, strikeout text etc. in your PDF files. You can save the PDF file after editing. You can add the new text, but cannot delete the existing text. It has a nice and attractive user interface. It also has various other features to try.

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Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader is a free software to view and edit PDF files. It supports limited editing of PDF files. Editing in this free version is a bit tricky. You can add text, text boxes, highlight text, add stamps, signature etc. in your PDF files. You can save the PDF files after editing. It is fast and reliable software for Windows.

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PDF Eraser

PDF Eraser is a free PDF editing application for Windows. It lets you delete text, images, logos and other unnecessary objects from PDF files. You can erase the contents from existing PDF file and can add text or images to the file easily. You can rotate the pages in PDF files also. You can undo the changes also.

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Inkscape is a free and easy to use vector graphics editor. You can use it as a PDF editor also. You can open and edit PDF files with it. You can change the text in PDF files. You can insert or delete the images present in PDF files. You can apply formatting to the text in PDF files. Inkscape as a PDF editing tool is good choice for users who want to edit their PDF files for free. It is also available in portable version.

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PDFedit is an open source PDF editing software available free for Windows. It lets you edit PDF files easily. You can add, change or delete the text present in PDF files. It sometimes crashes when editing PDF files. You can highlight the text in your PDF files. You can search for specific text also. You can also insert images in your PDF files.

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LibreOffice Draw is a feature rich application and you can use it as a PDF editor also. It is very easy to use. You can edit editable PDFs very easily. You can change or insert text, images etc. in your PDF files. You have to use the export feature to save the edited PDF in PDF form; otherwise you can save the file to LibreOffice Draw file format i.e. ODG.

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Apache OpenOffice-Draw

Apache OpenOffice Draw is very nice tool for viewing and editing PDF files. You have to install its ‘PDF import’ plugin to view and edit PDF files. It is very easy to edit PDF files with Draw. You can edit editable PDF files like editing a Word files. You can add or delete text or images in PDF files easily. You can use spell check and other formatting features also. To save the edited PDF you have to use the ‘Export as PDF’ command from the File menu.

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PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is a free PDF viewer and you can use it as a PDF editor software also. To use it as a PDF editor is a little bit tricky. You can insert the new text easily but for existing text you can apply strikeout or underline etc easily. To change or overwrite the existing text you have to insert a new rectangle or any other shape and color it with white color. Now type the text and place it over the shape. Similarly you can hide images with any shape with matching page color. You can save the edited file in the same PDF format.

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  • SA_NYC

    Helpful article, thanks.

  • Sach28

    It seems this is a new article, but with an old information. New, and excellent, viewer/editor from Tracker Software is PDF-XChange Editor instead Viewer. Wider full page text content editing and many new features make it more attractive.

    • Patrick Charest

      Hi Sach28, I’d have to agree here, this post needs an update to encompass the Editor instead (at least along side) of the Viewer. Many many more features and far more advanced and useful. The Editor has redaction! **Bump!!!**

  • Kriegar

    And the best is?

  • Amina Stun

    I hesitated in a choice between PDF-XChange Editor and Foxit Reader and after trying both I bought PDF-XChange. It seems for me faster then Foxit, easier in using, and cheaper, of course. Viewer probably is the old version.

  • Rob

    Pdf Eraser isn’t free but adds a watermark on the output file….

  • Altersaege

    Thanks. None of these could edit a CV which I had made online. Some could not recognize some graphics (like one little house to symbolize the address). None could move objects.

    • ishan_ilovefreesoftware

      You are right – each free PDF Editor comes with its own set of limitations and might not support a true document editing with the same ease as we can edit a doc file. For a complex edit, it is actually better to convert your PDF file to a Word file, then edit that, and then convert that back to PDF file. You can search these site to see some good PDF to Doc converters, as well as Doc to PDF converters.

  • Sanja Pob

    I found out new features in PDF-XChange Editor – fantastic Bookmark plug-in and export to PowerPoint. Very helpful! That’s really what I needed long time! I’m happpy to have such handfull software. And, also, it was ineteresting to know that Editor can work with documents, using SharePolint service or GoogleDrive

  • Dimitris

    able word doesn’t even open pdf files

    • 594Reptilian

      Same here. Piece of sh*t software. Dunno where those glowing reviews from other tech articles came from

  • Great article! I recently installed CovePDF and could not be much happier. I sincerely recommend it to everyone!

    • David Snedeker

      CovePDF doesn’t offer editing ability. It maybe “in progress” of being added but it currently doesn’t. This article is about programs which actually offer editing ability.

  • PDF is used as a default file sharing format because it has the ability to retain original contents of the file. but to convert and edit PDF files we require to use a PDF converter or a PDF editor software, because operating systems do not provide a default application to create, edit, annotate, and convert PDF files.

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