6 Best Free Home Design Software For Windows

Here is a list of 6 best free home design software for Windows.

Home designing is a concept of designing a home which includes many steps, such as: planning, building structure, furnishing, decorating, finishing, etc. Before designing it in real, a virtual design is required and one of the easiest way of designing it is by using a software.

This article contain five 3D home designer software and one Google Chrome 3D home design app to design virtual structure of a home, house, offices, buildings, etc. in 3D with the help of many useful objects and tools. They can also be used for home interior design, home decoration, garden or landscape design, etc. Some of these software are also open source, popular and cross-platform software.

Let see each of these free home design software with some of their key features.

You can also try these 3D modeling, CAD viewer and logo designing software.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a popular and one of the best home design software for designing a 3D model of a home. It provides many objects from various categories for designing, categories such as: wall, room, bathroom, kitchen, door, window, light, living room, etc. It also provides some useful editing features, such as: modifying object size, changing object color, inserting text in the model, etc. It can save the entire project in PDF which includes a complete list of objects used, home structure and 3D output view. It can also save 3D view in SVG and PNG file format.

It is also an open source, portable, multilingual and cross-platform (also available for Mac, Linux and other OS) software. It also has an online version for online home designing. Learn more about it from this video tutorial.

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Energy3D is primarily developed for designing 3D building models. It can be effectively used for creating home designs and it provides many different type of objects for that, such as: wall, roof, door, window, platform, trees, etc. It can export 3D view of the design in PNG image format. There are many useful building and home design models available on its website as well. This quality software is also user-friendly, open source, portable and cross-platform (also available for Mac OS) software.

Note: You need to have Java already installed to run this free home design software.

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DreamPlan Home Design Software

You can design your own home in 3D using DreamPlan Home Design Software. Apart from that, it can also design the garden or landscape outside the home. Various categories for which it provides objects are: Building, Exterior, Interior, Decks and Landscaping. It is available in multilingual interface and you can also use it in Mac OS.

Note: This home designer has ad-supported installation.

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MyVirtualHome is a quality and feature-rich software to design 3D building and homes. It provides all the required type of objects from different categories for building them, categories such as: room, structure, furniture, outdoor, material, etc. It also provides three different type of view of the design, they are: plan view, 3D view and walk-through view.

Note: You need to register on its website for using it. This free home design software also downloads some files from the internet later while running.

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HomeByMe can design home, office, building, etc in 2D and 3D format. It provides a large category of objects and each category contains many different type of objects. It divides the designing process in two phases: Building and Furnish phase. In building phase, you design the structure and in furnish phase, you need to add all the objects in the structure. It is also available in online version and also lets you upload the project online and share it with others.

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Homestyler: Google Chrome 3D Home Design App

Homestyler is a quality and popular Google Chrome 3D home design app for designing buildings, homes, offices, etc. and it is developed by Autodesk itself. It provides many different type of objects from various categories for designing, categories such as: Room, Furnish, Decorate, Landscape, etc. You can also export the designed image in your computer in JPG and DWG file formats.

Note: Google Chrome browser is required for downloading(download it from here) and using this home designer. It saves the project online therefore, you need to register on its website.

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  • Chloe

    Hi. Thank you for your list. It’s a good selection. And I’d like to add a program named Blophome. I’ve been working with it for years and I love it. So keep an eye on it.

  • Boshodo

    Arcon Evo is is the program of my choice and that is what my business runs on. Great software for architects and professional builders who need easy to use and reliable CAD alternative. It is developed by German developers, who develop professional software to architects, so it has professional features that you find in proper CAD software. The program allows you to show clients exactly what their house will look like within the matter of seconds. Floor drawings are suitable for planning submission and building regulations

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Just download a free copy of DRAFTSIGHT from Solidworks….this program is a direct clone of Autocad and will give you the ability to do complete plans on any house or building for free!

    • Matthew Housewright

      Thank you!!!

      • Fritz_Von_Dago

        You are welcome! :)

    • JKC959

      Will DRAFTSIGHT print a materials list?

      • Big Pop

        Not the free version I dont believe. However the the paid version might. Ive never used the paid version, but It might mirror the old style Autocad BOM extract method, and auto complete forms , Its pretty much a direct clone of Autocad. Of course if the program does function that way, you need to know how to use Tagged Attributes as you draw. Good Luck.

  • Which other ones you have reviewed to come up with your top 5? Did you look at Sweet Home 3D?

    • Mitch Billsen

      You mean the first one on the list?

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