8 Best Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software

Here are 8 best free duplicate photo finder software. These duplicate photo finder software let you find duplicate photos easily. All these duplicate photo finder software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These duplicate photo finder software offer various features, like: find duplicate pictures/images in the desired folder(s), search for similar pixels in images, supports various common image formats including: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, ICO, PNG etc., show the results with thumbnails, compare different size images with different resolution, search corrected color images, and more. So, go through this list of free duplicate photo finder software and see which ones you like the most.

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VisiPics is a free and easy to use duplicate photo finding software. It can identify the duplicate images easily. You can add the folders to be scanned for duplicate images. After searching it will show you the complete list of duplicate images with their thumbnails. You can then easily select the duplicate files and delete them to recover valuable hard disk space.

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Similar Image Search

Similar Image Search (alpha) is a free software that lets you find duplicate images on your PC. It is a standalone JAR file and requires java installed on your PC to run. It can search for duplicate image files in any selected folder. First add the folder then click Library Search and then click Reverse Image Search from the sub menu. It will show you the list of duplicate images in the selected folder and you can easily delete them.

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Image Search Pony

Image Search Pony is a free software to find duplicate images. It can scan any folder you specify for duplicate image files that look similar. It analyzes the visual information of an image and provides a high level of accuracy while comparing. It can match pictures with different sizes, resolution, image format, and a level of detail. It groups all the duplicate finds into a list.

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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a free duplicate image finding tool. It lets you find duplicate image files and you can remove them easily by using it. Duplicate images take a lot of disk space on your hard disk and to identify and delete them manually is a difficult task. It can search through the various image types including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF etc. If you have resized pictures or changed / corrected color in them, then these pictures can also be compared using this software. The program has a simple and easy to use interface.

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Similar Picture Find

Similar Picture Find is a free tool for searching duplicate images in a collection of images. It supports various common picture formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. To find the duplicate images first add the folder to its repository from File menu and then click Test Repository For Similar from the Action menu. It shows you the results with visually duplicate images. You can delete the duplicates easily.

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Similar Image Finder

Similar Image Finder is a free software to find duplicate images from a selected folder. You can add folders to search for duplicate images and then by clicking Start Searching button you will find all the visually duplicate files easily. You can set various options before searching like minimum similarity, search for sub folders, file types etc. It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIF, TIFF file format.

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Anti-Twin is a free and easy to use duplicate image finding software. You can use it to find similar images by using pixel based search. It can also search for duplicate files by using byte by byte search. You can select the folder to search for duplicate images including subfolder and click the Search for similar images button. It will show you the duplicate results and you can delete the duplicate image files to free up disk space.

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Exact Duplicate Finder

Exact Duplicate Finder is a free software for finding duplicate files on your computer. It can find duplicate files which are of similar size or of similar name. You can search for duplicate image files also. It supports various common image formats for searching duplicate files. It shows you the results in groups with files names with number of locations, so you can easily delete them to recover the disk space.

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  • Sex Kitten Party

    awesome duplicate finder is the best one. i tried the majority of the options.

  • Baka [D]

    Nope, Vispics is the best tool. Higher processing power + speed.

    • CletusThaDikFarmer

      Wrong. Awesome dupe is far better.

  • allopurinol

    Tried Awesome Dupe Finder. Worked fine but no option to mass delete the dupes. I found a thousand dupes in a folder I was working on and if I wanted to delete them all I would have had to hit the delete button 1000 times. No thanks. I tried Visipics next and it rocks.

  • Rudolph

    dupeguru doesnt even work, I pressed scan 20 times and nothing happened.

  • Yan Moura

    Actually Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder and Visipics are complementary. Running both against my pictures folders the first found some duplicates that the second didn’t and vice-versa. :)

  • Bellerophon

    WARNING: Awesome Duplicate Finder has 2 infected files that were detected by Bitdefender.

  • Pawan Rathi

    I used Anti Twin and it helped me to compress my 144GB photos to 112 GB… Great.

  • Megan Price

    I personally favour Duplicate Sweeper, works well.

    • Alessandro Tiberti Bertin

      it’s not free and this review is about free software.

  • Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is not free – they will hit you up and lock up the program so you can’t use it until you pay. Rip-off – I’ll try the next one – thanks for wasting my time

  • Robert O’Connell

    Most of these recommendations are complete garbage. XDF is unusable and unuseful.

  • Bruce Houghtaling

    All garbage. Most links take me to unrelated websites. Downloads that actually are related are NOT free, just free to try. And they seem to be variations on the same theme – probably all the same with different UIs

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